Free Schools Programme


Our schools programme gives Primary School children in the North-West the opportunity to work with established musicians. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn and sing four original songs and perform a concert.

The programme covers key points across the PSHE/Citizenship curriculum and aims to develop children’s spiritual, moral, social & cultural (SMSC) understanding through this. Naturally other areas of learning such as music education, RE & literacy also benefit from the programme.

The whole school comes together each day to work collaboratively and learn important life lessons along the way. We aim to inspire pupils by creating an environment that is both fun and educational.

Throughout the week we cover the following the topics: anti-bullying, self-esteem/self-worth, perseverance, goals and dreams, friendship, inclusion, valuing diversity and respecting one another.

The Programme
The programme runs for four sessions (with an optional recording session)
Monday – Wednesday Morning (sometimes afternoon) – 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Thursday – 1 hour afternoon warm up session.
The programme concludes with a whole school concert held on Thursday evening.

Breakdown of the programme:

Monday – Thursday
– “The Monkey” warm-up
– Pupils learn 4 original rock songs
– The key lessons of the songs are explained and reinforced throughout the week
– “Battle Time” – Staff and pupils go head to head
– Opportunities for children to ask questions and interact with the Rock Kidz team
– End of session party time!

Thursday Evening
– Concert

The Concert
At the end of the week the children have become fully fledged positive Rockstars and are ready to perform their debut concert! Tickets are sold to friends and family who are invited to this momentous occasion. The concerts can take place in the school hall, community centre, local church or high school. The children can come dressed as Rockstars which is always enjoyable and gives them a sense of ownership for the work they have done. It is a fantastic way to finish the week and a lot of fun for pupils, staff, friends and family.

At the end of the concert Rock Kidz merchandise such as hats, hoodies, t-shirts and wristbands are available to buy. To view a range of items take a look at our online shop.

The programme is offered FREE to schools. Income is generated through concert ticket and merchandise sales. Our vision is to give as many children as possible the opportunity to be part of Rock Kidz and that’s why we operate in this way.

In some cases schools wish to subsidise ticket costs and this can be discussed once a booking has been made.

If schools would like to record their very own Rock Kidz album, we offer a Thursday morning recording session to replace the Thursday afternoon warm up session at a cost of £500. With this a CD is produced and made available to purchase and the school gets 10 copies of the CD. If you wish to book this session then this can be discussed upon booking.